What’s Next For Tech Giants? Break Up Or US-Style GDPR?

What's Next For Tech Giants? Break Up Or US-Style GDPR?

Two observations today, both of which concern the tech giants. The first is a very unusual case where I think many people in digital marketing will have a certain amount of empathy for Google.

It has formally lodged an appeal for the GBP1.3bn fine the EU has handed down for past behaviour that was seen as anti-competitive. When you look at the case, a fine of a billion pounds does seem rather harsh. It was found guilty of previously insisting that any site that used its search technology, for free, should also take its search ads alongside the list of natural results.

Seems like a fair deal, doesn’t it? A site wants to put a search engine on its pages and it can get one for free, from Google, as long as it does what Google does best and shows Google’s paid-for search results. 

Surely only the EU, hellbent on teaching the tax-avoiding (not evading) tech giants a lesson, could listen to Google rivals and deem this unfair, particularly as Google changed tack and offered an alternative. Sites can now use its search engine, but if they take ads from another source, they need to share the revenue with Google.

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