Tech giants urge US to adopt GDPR laws

ech giants urge US to adopt GDPR laws
  • Cisco boss: It’s time for US to regulate tech giants
  • Apple CEO proposes “comprehensive federal privacy law”
  • But reluctance to adopt full suite of GDPR regulations

Cisco has joined Apple, Microsoft and IBM in urging the US to follow in the footsteps of the European Union by formalising GDPR-like regulations. 

Cisco chief legal and compliance officer Mark Chandler is the latest tech boss to call on US politicians to regulate technology companies in a move to tackle privacy concerns.

Chandler told the Financial Times Cisco wants the US to legalise a version of the European Union’s global data protection regulation (GDPR).

He said: “We believe that the GDPR has worked well and that with a few differences, that is what should be brought in in the US as well.”

Chandler highlighted the EU’s success in giving users more freedom and control in enabling access over personal data and forcing technology companies to be held accountable with its internal processing, sharing and cultivating of its users information, with significant fines for non-compliance.

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