#Privacy: Most companies aren’t ready to take care of data breach emergencies

Privacy: Most companies aren’t ready to take care of data breach emergencies

Most organizations (73 percent) surveyed in a research continue to experience unplanned downtime and outages due to mismanaged digital certificates.More than half of respondents (55 percent) say their organizations have experienced four or more certificate-related outages in the past two years alone, says new Keyfactor-Ponemon Institute: The Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities report.“Connectivity and the number of digital identities within the enterprise has grown exponentially thanks to continued cloud, mobile, DevOps and IoT adoption,” said Chris Hickman, chief security officer at Keyfactor.“The complexity of managing those identities while keeping them securely connected to the business has created a critical trust gap – in many cases the keys and certificates designed to build trust are instead causing outages and security breaches.”Digital certificates and keys ensure authenticity across enterprise user, application and device identities, says the report. “Cryptographic algorithms encrypt the data associated with those identities, providing secure communication and exploit protection.

Two-thirds of respondents say their organization is adding additional layers of encryption to comply with industry regulations and IT policies; however, shorter certificate validity has doubled the management workload on short-staffed IT and security teams,” notes the study.

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