GDPR helps drive growth in privacy tech


There has been rapid growth of technology vendors offering to help enterprises meet their obligations under the GDPR and other privacy regimes

Over the past year and a half the dialogue around privacy, and the social implications of violations of privacy, has shifted significantly, according to Trevor Hughes. Partly that shift has been driven by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, said Hughes, who is the president and chief executive officer of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

However, beyond that particular case, he thinks that increasingly there has been recognition “that we leapt headlong into the digital economy, to the digital revolution, and we’re sort of cleaning up some of the issues that that’s created now,” the IAPP CEO told Computerworld.

“Privacy is transitioning,” Hughes said. “There is this recognition that it is no longer just about individual harm. It’s not about ‘have you violated my data’ or ‘how have you used my data in a way that I wasn’t expecting or I find offensive or problematic’. There are societal level concerns associated with privacy now.”

That includes a recognition that “violations of privacy, misuse of data create real challenges for open and fair elections, democracies generally, fundamental freedoms broadly – things like free speech and other things,” he added. “Even freedom of thought and choice.”

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