Cybersecurity: Hacking victims are uncovering cyberattacks faster – and GDPR is the reason why

Organisations are still falling victim to hackers, but a new report from FireEye suggests that data protection legislation has improved the response time to cyberattacks.

The amount of time hackers spend inside the networks of compromised organisations before being uncovered has massively declined across Europe — and GDPR is a key reason for the drop.

Analysis of cyberattacks by researchers at cybersecurity company FireEye reveals that the median dwell time from the start of an intrusion to it being identified has fallen from 177 days last year to 54 days now — a 70% decrease.


The conclusion in the newly released FireEye Mandiant M-Trends 2020 Report is that this is down to the European Union’s privacy-boosting General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR requires organisations that uncover a data breach to report it to the relevant data protection authority within 72 hours of the incident coming to light.

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