Common GDPR myths debunked

Common GDPR myths debunked

Noise around the threat the European General Data Protection Regulation poses to publishers, ad tech companies and marketers is getting louder as the 2018 deadline for enforcement approaches.

Naturally, a flurry of “GDPR experts” — some of them helpful, others compounding the confusion — have surfaced over the last year to help businesses navigate the challenges.

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating

Robert Streeter, News UK’s data protection and privacy officer, emphasized the importance of separating fact from fiction regarding the regulations at Rubicon Project’s Automation event in London on Sept. 6. “When you read about ‘expert’ comment on GDPR, I’d advise taking that with caution and examining your own approach to it,” he said. “There’s a lot of misinformation circulating.”

GDPR monster

Here are some of the myths, debunked:

Myth: GDPR is a Europe-only issue

Far from being some typically bureaucratic issue that applies to the 28 members of the EU (including the U.K., as Brexit won’t affect its compliance), GDPR will affect any American company that offers goods or services to consumers in the EU or monitors the behavior of people located in Europe, regardless of where their offices or ad servers are based.

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