Box Helps Firms Tackle Brexit And GDPR With Local UK Data Zone

Box helps firms tackle Brexit and GDPR with loca UK data zone

The company will be using two data redundant data centres to deliver improved data management and data sovereignty to companies as they prepare for Brexit and its potential effect on GDPR and other regulations.

Cloud content management company Box (NYSE: BOX) has launched a new UK in-country zone which will enable organisations to keep their content in the UK. The new Box Zone has a primary data centre in London and a secondary one in Cardiff, Wales.

The move expands the firm’s global network of Box Zones to eight. “British companies and multinational organisations operating in the UK will be able to have more control over their data residency needs, while ensuring a seamless collaboration experience for their users,” said Box.

The UK Zone joins the zones in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Singapore and the US. Multizone support, announced in 2018, expands the ability to collaborate seamlessly across any of the eight zones from a single Box instance.

“Businesses today face a complex and evolving regulatory landscape, none more so than here in Britain,” said Chris Baker, Box senior vice president and general manager of EMEA. “With the Brexit decision pending and the impact on regulation such as GDPR unknown, UK and European businesses are searching for ways to guarantee business continuity.

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